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Retractable Awnings

Cassette Awnings

Retractable awnings help you block the solar rays while adding shades to your deck or backyard. Whether to shade a restaurant patio or your home backyard, retractable cassette awnings provide the perfect shade and high technical performance along with solar protection.
Cassette retractable awnings are the ideal solution for terraces and balconies. You can also protect your windows with a harmoniously fitted cassette awning. We design awning systems with a variety of shapes that add a unique architectural style to contemporary buildings. The cassette awning’s box provides maximum fabric protection allowing you to shade your outdoors nearly all year round.

Cassette Awnings System

The box protects the awning from damages caused by sun or dust while also allowing for minimal maintenance. The awning is engineered with a high-performance waterproof fabric that easily withstands harsh weather conditions. The components of our outdoor awnings comprise thermo-lacquered aluminum to ensure maximum shade and protection from corrosion and atmospheric changes.

Our retractable cassette awnings have pure lines and minimalist design and can be installed on the wall and on the ceiling, creating high inclination angles. They can be electrically or manually operated via a hand crank. If motorized, the awning retracts on its own with a remote control. It can also be equipped with a sun-wind sensor so you can program it to retract when it gets windy.

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Cassette awnings for your patio

The full-cassette awning is engineered to incorporate the awning arms, roller mechanism as well as the fabric to create a full protection against all-weather elements. The awning retracts completely back into the cassette, and the arms fold inwards to fully close. When retracted, a typical full-cassette awning encloses all sides of the fabric roll as well as the arms. When the awning is fully closed, the fabric rolls inside the cassette, while the front bar seals to the cassette as it closes.

The half-cassette awning offers partial cover for the awning fabric, arms, and roller mechanism. Nevertheless, it still protects it from rain and dirt. Both types of cassette awnings offer a more modern finished look than a classical retractable awning, while minimizing the wear and tear on your fabric, which means more resilience and protection for years to come.  

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