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Solid Wood Floors

There’s nothing quite as stylish and convenient as solid hardwood floorings. Solid hardwood floors are strong, elegant and easy to clean and maintain. They fit almost to any building’s style, from country homes to modern apartments. You can choose from a comprehensive range of colors, finishes, wood grains, and styles to complement your home. Our hardwood flooring allows you to capture the elements of nature through unique patterns, awesome strength, and the warmth of wood grains. 

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Spring Summer 2023

Hardwood Flooring

We offer 3 types of hardwood planks: Hickory hardwood, maple hardwood and hardwood that derives from the oak tree. Different looks are available. The most popular is the traditional wood floor with smooth surface textures, distressed surfaces and hand  scraped surfaces. Hand-scraped wood floors are extremely popular as a flooring option for homeowners and designers who seek for something durable and unique.

Hardwood floors offer classic wood grain and different edging types such as beveled edge. These floors are not only decorative but also extremely robust even in the busiest of rooms. With a huge range of styles from natural oak, classic hickory and vivid maple to exceptional stains and grains, there’s a hardwood floor for every room design. Designed with 100% pure wood planks, hardwood floors are exactly what you may expect. 

We ensure the perfect blend of classic craftsmanship and natural elements adding a consistent symmetry to your space. Some hardwood floors use nanotechnology-based finish for superior wear resistance. they also feature hypoallergenic VOC-free finishes to promote wellbeing and healthy internal environments.

Our hardwood floors offer ultra-high-strength and a combination of  warmth and unique design qualities. The robust wood plank makes your floor extremely wear-resistant and more dimensionally stable. It is highly recommended to all areas with intensive use such as living rooms, restaurants or offices. 

Furthermore, our hardwood flooring has an exclusive finish application featuring natural oils and vegetable based coatings that are toxic-free to ensure long lasting performance.


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