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Pleated Blinds

Our pleated shades are customized to suit unique tastes

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Pleated Shades

All our collections of pleated shades are designed for the tastemakers and include a variety of fashionable fabrics. The crisp folds of our pleated shades are fashion-inspired and add to your space truly sophisticated appearance. All pleated shades have a color coordinated headrail to create a contemporary look without having to add a valance. For Brackets, we use snap-in steel brackets that are designed for quick installation. With our range of specialty shapes, we make sure our pleated blinds fit skylights and other shapes of windows.

Aesthetically pleasing pleated blinds

Our pleated shades are lightweight thanks to their low stacking height when shade is raised. Our partner has performed testing adhesive strength in high heat to UV testing painted components and textiles to ensure durable finished window coverings.

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Spring Summer 2023

Blinds System

Our pleated shades have a Zig-Zag style as the fabric features accordion style with pleats. These blinds works just like the honeycomb shades. The pleats fold into each other as shade is lifted. These energy efficient blinds softly diffuses light, while maintaining privacy and light control.


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