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Engineered wood flooring

Our engineered solid wood flooring are a durable and reliable floor covering system

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Engineered Solid Wood Flooring

Wood embodies warmth and depth. Meco engineered wood floors bring the best out of nature into your home. The variety of colors in the wood give spaces the authentic beauty of nature and allows for creative finishes on the flooring surfaces. Nothing is better than the warmth and beauty of a natural wooden floor when installed internally. Its elegance and strength add authenticity and depth to any room. 

Our engineered wood planks are easy to maintain and install through the Uniclic installation system ( we can also use the Glue-Down/Floating technique for installing wood planks). These wood floors are mainly constructed of multiple layers of both hardwood and plywood for increased stability. 

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Spring Summer 2023

Top-quality engineered hardwood flooring

Our engineered wood floors are ideal when it comes to creating a warm homely feel and stylish designs. Their timeless look and refined planks can turn any place into a genuine home. They allow for creative design scope for premium quality flooring while also promoting a healthy environment due to low chemical emissions.

We provide extra-long, extra thick wood planks that stretch out to shape your flooring look and bring a calm atmosphere to your space. Their natural charm is enhanced through hand-crafted elements like beveling. Treated with a hardwax oil to ensure long lasting stability while highlighting the exceptional grain and structure of the wood plank.

We also offer Uniclic engineered wood floors which are constructed of strong plywood layers with a real wood top. The Uniclic technology offers a glueless locking that works superbly for both the long and short sides of the flooring boards. These engineered floors feature natural or rustic wood grain as well as a unique matt lacquered finish. 

Furthermore, we can add to your engineered floor a sustainable varnish or oil finish. The modern finishing technologies we offer combine elegance and lasting performance. All boards are brushed and textured to ensure an authentic surface, which makes it often difficult to differentiate them from hardwood floors. 


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