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Roller Blinds System

Meco Shades offers endless of possibilities when it comes to style and versatility with custom made roller blinds. Our complete product long tail offers a solution to every roller blind situation. As a specialist in window covering, we deliver standard to exclusive solutions to both residential and commercial projects. We provide a variety of fabrics to design manual roller shades that can be operated with chain, cord or wand. Several choices of fabrics and textures are available to enhance the appearance of your interiors. Our roller blinds are available in a wide range of translucent fabrics, light filtering, standard fabrics, dim-out fabrics and blackout fabrics to control the amount of light entering the room.

Manual and Motorized Roller Blinds

Our roller blinds offer a wide array of fabrics, colours and patterns that fit almost any office or home design. From neutral hues to bold colours, you can have these blinds tailored to your specific requirements. Moreover, roller blinds are a modern choice for business owners, especially in offices, meeting rooms and receptions. If you are looking for a smart blind design, motorized screen roller shades with a plain fabric will give thermal performance and visual comfort to employees and office visitors alike. You may consider a 5% and 10% openness fabric to create that seamless connection with the outdoor environment.

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Blinds System

The extensive range of fabrics offer beauty, functionality and sustainability. Thanks to their variety of colors, designs and patterns, you can now get the blind solution to suit every style and taste. We use sustainable fabrics that are part of our Eco-friendly textile range.

We also provide standard fabrics to make your room look bright but with a good level of privacy. Dim-out fabrics are the best choice if you aim to reduce electricity bills and block the glare. The reflective coating in dim-out roller blinds works really well in reducing heat and UV rays.

Commonly used in bedrooms and media rooms, blackout roller blinds maintain privacy and comfort in any room while blocking the light. Our motorized roller blinds enable maximum comfort, especially when installed in hard to reach areas like high window or roof window. Our cordless blinds are easy to install and child-friendly. The available automation option means that no guide wire is required thanks to the rechargeable battery.


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