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We strive to provide interior designers, architects and homeowners with most advanced window shades. Even though stores are filled with ready-made curtains and blinds, it is still crucial to install made-to-measure draperies and blinds that are made to fit the window perfectly. This gives you the option to customize your window covering to suit your exact window sizes as well as your own style and taste. Furthermore, the custom made option will help you achieve a contemporary style, whilst fitting the same theme, aesthetic style or mood of the interior design.

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Blinds, Curtains & Shutters for Your Windows

When it comes to light control and energy efficiency, we can provide a variety of curtains and blinds options. Natural lighting is a key energy-saving opportunity which is usually neglected by homeowners. Window curtains and screen blinds seem to them not merely an intelligent way for reducing electricity bills, but as an element of interior decoration. However, the newest window covering solutions offer light control options that contribute to improving energy savings while boosting aesthetics throughout your home. Whether you are looking to manage light or minimize electricity bills, our window covering experts know how to add that charming touch to each corner of your house.

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Our Blinds Range

People who are looking for modern and clean lines to enhance their floor-to-ceiling windows or patio doors, can find in our vertical blinds the ideal solution. The vertical fabric slats run along a track at the bottom and top of the blind, allowing the exact amount of light to enter the room. This solution is both practical and decorative. Another popular design of blinds consists of the use of roller blinds for their versatility and design flexibility.

Simple but practical, roller blinds can be customized to fit customer’s design intent as they are available in a variety of fabrics, patterns and colours. Similar to curtains, roller blinds can be upgraded to more advanced blinds through the use of an automation system. Unlike roller shades, roman blinds are less popular but create a stylish appearance in your interiors, especially when combined with curtains. Whether you choose to install decorative or patterned roman shades or ones that are engineered for privacy and light control, you can also choose between manual and motorized options.

Wood blinds or venetian blinds are made with wooden slats that are cost-effective compared with plantation shutters. Our window shutters filter the light in your home, enhancing everyday living and creating a beautiful and unique ambience in your interiors. For Future more information on technical details download our technical data sheet / specification, drawings, operation & Maintenance manual suitable for architects.


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