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Laminate Floors

Laminated wood floors look like real wood; however, they are constructed of a melamine paper glued on the composite wood veneers. The top layer of a laminate floor plank can be made from wood or vinyl. Our laminate floors comprise a tongue and groove to keep flooring locked together without having to apply the glue. Although it is a more traditional technique of fitting flooring, fitting together two planks is just like a puzzle, the tongue and groove slot together on each plank when installing. This will help you to use the same planks whenever you are moving to another house. 

Due to its innovative design and composition, laminate flooring looks as if it is a solid hardwood flooring but is generally more affordable. The laminate plank is composed of 4 layers: the base layer protects the plank against moisture and ensures stability, the core layer consists of a HDF high-density board to ensure durability and resilience. The decor layer mimics wood or stone, it is designed to give the final floor’s surface appearance. A protective wear layer is laminated over the design layer to enhance the abrasion resistance.

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Spring Summer 2023

Top-Quality Laminate Flooring Tiles

Laminate flooring is the modern alternative for engineered wood floors due to its aesthetics, high-resistance, and minimal maintenance. Laminate flooring is a practical solution for high traffic areas. It can be fixed over a subfloor instead of the base floor since it is considered as a floating floor, where planks lock together but are not nailed or glued down. Due to its patented Uniclic locking technology, you can use it in different areas of your house or when moving to a new home.

Laminate floor is highly resistant to scratch and abrasion thanks to its multi-layer construction. It can easily absorb heavy traffic, especially in rooms where family members are most active such as: living and dining areas and children’s rooms.


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