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Awnings System

Awnings are a versatile solution that matches both classic and modern architectural style as they are designed using a variety of fabrics, colours and patterns. Thus, you will thoroughly embellish your home and elevate the style of your exterior.

Awnings also allow a maximum light control inside your home, while protecting your curtains and furniture as well as your rugs and carpets from the harmful UV rays. Our made to measure awnings are reliable and will provide you with optimal shading for many years after installation.

The retractable awnings system from Meco Shades has a timeless elegance and an incredible style. Its eye-catching fabric offers a subtle and tailored look. The slender arms of the awning fold inward as it closes and slide silently across the rounded front bar as the awning opens.

Retractable Awnings

The awning is constructed with a powder-coated aluminum frame with aluminum brackets. The front bar and side caps are engineered to meet water drainage requirements. The awning fabrics come in a variety of patterns, vibrant colors, sun protection properties, and special features that make it waterproof and stain resistant.

Furthermore, at Meco Shades, awnings can be customized with the finest quality fabrics and advanced components, including motorization. This will help you to effortlessly control and adjust the opening of your awnings to ensure the perfect coverage in case of rain or sandstorms. Our automation system for awnings includes a wind/rain sensor that enables it to close once wind/rain are detected, which makes it great for protection against weather damage.

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We provide retractable awnings for both residential and commercial applications including restaurants, cafes and bars to create a timeless and graceful style. Our bespoke cassette awning systems ensure an understated, customized look that draws the eye to the fabric. When the awning opens, its slender arms effortlessly slide across the front bar. When set to a closed position, the arms fold progressively inside. 

These awnings offer woven breathable waterproof fabrics with vibrant colors, as well a superior UV and glare protection along with high-performance materials to make it water and stain resistant. Or folding arm awnings can be fixed to the wall or ceiling.

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