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Ripplefold Curtains

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Ripplefold Draperies

Ripplefold curtains feature consistent fabric waves rippling across the curtain’s track. This drapery’s style is a popular choice among hotel owners and becoming a favorite option among interior designers and homeowners for its modern look. Once attached to the track, the fabric ripples will easily slide to add that wavy effect to the windows, creating a fabulous yet sleek appearance in your home.

Ripple Fold Style

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Ripplefold Curtains

Our ripple fold curtains are stylish, convenient, and easy to operate. These easy-to-use curtains have a luscious appearance due to their neat lines and consistent ripples that gently slide to open or close creating an appealing effect from inside and outside your property. They also require minimal maintenance and are recommended for large windows and patio doors, where tracks can be mounted on the wall or up to the ceiling.

To customize ripple fold draperies, components like tracks, wall brackets, end caps and carriers are required with optional wand to operate the curtains manually. For more convenience, you can opt for motorization. This style of curtains can be customized in a wide array of fabrics, colours and patterns depending on your requirements and room’s theme. Our ripple fold style is most sought after for use in residential projects, healthcare institutions and hotels.


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