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What is Eyelet curtains?

Eyelet curtains are generally characterized by circular holes in the header of the curtain. These curtains feature a contemporary curtain heading for use with curtain poles. The curtain heading features metal rings at the top that creates large soft pleats. We provide an extensive array of fabrics and colours to customize your eyelet type curtains and create the greatest effect within your interiors with the least outlay of effort.

Eyelet Curtain Style

Eyelet Style Curtains

Our eyelet curtains lend a modern touch to any room and there has been a high demand for this style of draperies over recent years. We stock thousands of fabrics as well as a huge range of excellent quality blackout linings to ensure excellent light control.

Our range of patterned eyelet curtains feature a variety of coulours and patterns that are simply beautiful and stylish. Able to be used for decoration or room darkening purposes depending on the material, our eyelet curtains provide flexibility and elegance. We can also customize them with a soft lining for added privacy and light control.

We use astonishing high-end fabrics that ensure shade and comfort, while boosting the aesthetics of your home. These curtains also provide enhanced light control, with the flexibility to have them in a wide range to suit your room’s style.

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