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Meco Shades is your go-to place for decoration items and furnishing solutions. We provide a wide range of interior decoration and furnishing products in the UAE. Our range encompasses carpets and rugs, all types of flooring, wallpapers and upholstery services, and much more.

We also offer eco-friendly solutions for home decor to help you create a stylish yet durable interior. Our unrivaled interior products are ideal for both residential and commercial fit-out projects. We aim to inspire our customers through reliability, knowledge and design, as well as skillfully crafted solutions and premium products.

Home furnishings are essential to improve your interior stylings, yet increase the value of your house. Our comprehensive array of decor products and accessories will help you customize your interior decoration to your own taste. We help you choose the proper products to complete the design of your home and transform each room into a stylish yet comfortable living space.  

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Unique collections of wallpapers and upholstery fabrics to transform your home

Furnishing solutions like rugs and carpets, wallpapers and upholstery are essential to create a pleasant interior. Floor covering solutions, on the other hand, are used to complete the furnishing and fittings inside your home or office. Flooring makes a room cozy and gives it a sophisticated appearance. It is always advisable to install a floor covering such as hardwood flooring, laminate flooring or carpets, especially in winter.

Furnishing items also incorporate soft components such as furniture, curtains, upholstery products, wall coverings, carpets, and rugs. There are many things to consider before moving into a new home or redecorating your existing home. Which is why we deliver a stunning collection of home furnishing solutions, accessories, and luxury interior finishes.

At Meco Shades, we believe that comfort at home is closely related to quality furnishing. A home that is fitted out to a high standard provides an environment that is comfortable for its occupants. Aspects of comfort involve; thermal and visual comfort, sound absorption and indoor air quality. To achieve comfort, there are so many options including eco-friendly wallpapers, sustainable flooring covering , and so on.

We help you define the priority furnishing items and finishes and make sure to set a budget and work your requirements around it.


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