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Aluminum Venetian Blinds

Achieving the wooden blinds look in your interior with a small budget is extremely easy with our aluminum venetian blinds which are ultimate in light control and privacy. Our versatile venetian blinds are easy to operate using quick twist of a wand or via motorization. These blinds provide you with an exact amount of light intensity, while preserving your privacy. Available in a wide range of colours and slat sizes to choose from, so that you can adorn your room with any style.

Motorized and Manual Venetian Blinds

We ensure that our bespoke Venetian blinds fit to any interior style, while maintaining privacy and light control. These blinds combine exquisite light filtering and glare control options, along with a modern beautiful look. A variety of finishes, colours and sizes are available to suit your taste. It is easy to control the sunlight with the variety of slats that we provide, helping you control the amount of the incoming daylight and room’s temperature in a convenient way. Our Venetian blinds are elegant and versatile, as they offer the perfect combination of minimalist design and solar protection. The slats withstand the harshest weather conditions and always "spring back" to the correct shape. Which is why our venetian blinds are specified for external applications, too. It is quite clear to see why Venetian blinds are so popular.

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Blinds System

Design options are endless as the slats come in a variety of colours, wood tones, and contemporary styles to meet your colour scheme and specifications. Slats are available in a range of sizes, starting from 16mm right up to 50mm.

Find below available slat sizes:
1)16mm slat: a great choice for small windows but provides optimal see-through with effective light control.
2)25mm slat: It is the most popular width so far that helps you achieve outstanding style and durability with the widest range of colour options and high- options.
3) 35mm slat: Reliable and functional, this slat width is perfect for medium and large window treatment and enables effortless light control with the simple twist of a wand.
4) 50mm slat: Great choice for large windows but available in limited colour options. It has a rounded corner that creates a re-engineered look. Design options are endless as you can choose to add custom perforations near the pull cords or at the slat ends.
5)70mm slat: The perfect size for larger windows in your home or office. It is also an ideal option for creating maximum privacy by combining venetian blinds with glass partitions at the workplace.


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