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Textile Floor Covering

Carpet tiles are quite popular in hotels and offices. They can be installed in a full area, corridors or simply in a restricted number of rooms in a building. Our carpets are highly resistant to deformation and drying crack as they are manufactured based on the Cradle-to-Cradle® design and the use of composite material as backing. The finished carpets are precisely divided into blocks with specific sizes. We offer carpets that have innovative patterns and vivid colours to produce impressive design concepts for every room within a building.

At Meco Shades, we always aim to develop sustainable products that ensure a healthier space whether at home or at work. We get inspired by the latest design trends to deliver stunning carpet tiles that effectively reduce dust and sound pollution. Our high-end and innovative carpet solutions are manufactured to enhance spaces in both residential and commercial buildings such offices, hotels and restaurants with the mission to design sophisticated interiors with a homogeneous flooring surface. 

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Spring Summer 2023

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We are passionate about delivering products that are environmentally friendly and/or Cradle to Cradle® certified to create a healthy environment. We also offer a modern carpet tiles collection for contemporary workplaces. This collection meets all your requirements in terms of minimalist designs, refined textures and subtle colours.

If you are looking to revamp your living space or to decorate your new office, there’s nothing quite like the warm and soft feel of a carpet tile installed in your home or in your workplace. Carpet tiles are not only decorative but also extremely functional due to the acoustic performance they provide. This is especially important in workplaces where employees require a quiet space to be more concentrated and productive. Thus, our carpets are mainly selected for their aesthetics and advanced sound absorption properties. With the new industry trends, we ensure our carpets are the epitome of quality and style.


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