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Our commercial carpets offer an unparalleled quality to any commercial space

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Carpets for commercial spaces

At Meco Shades, we offer a comprehensive range of textile floor coverings, especially engineered for commercial areas such as offices and conference rooms. Our carpet tiles are ideal to cover floorings even in the heaviest wear applications. We are committed to design inspiring workspaces that reinforce the health and wellbeing of the employees with a holistic approach of changing the way workspaces are designed. Our carpet tiles come in a variety of thicknesses, filter types and patterns as well as different methods of dyeing.

We also provide many colours and shades to meet all your design requirements. For office spaces, the requirements are usually a stylish decor. Looking for something more sophisticated? We provide carpet designs that bring more dimension and depth to your workspace. Our office carpets are durable and sturdy, and their timeless look makes them ideal as a textile floor flooring that looks great for years to come.

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We make sure to provide high-end commercial carpets with wear-resistance and soil-hiding properties. You can choose from a variety of patterns to create a bespoke carpet that reflects your character and business. Our inhouse designers will help you choose the perfect pattern and style for your workplace. Our selection of wool-rich carpets is ideal for office areas with low to medium traffic where simple design is deemed appropriate. We deliver various designs that are suitable for office, conference rooms, corridors and guestrooms.

Our carpet tiles provide architects and interior designers with an almost unlimited range of modern colour combinations and patterns, suitable for any textile floor covering application. We aspire to ensure that all commercial buildings experience carpet tiles; and benefit from all their intrinsic design and functional features, including sustainability, acoustic performance, durability, comfort and minimal maintenance.

We deliver commercial carpets in a variety of flexible designs to help designers, and everyone involved complete every aspect of your office project.


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