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Our hotel carpets offer an comfort underfoot to your guests, while maintaining a clean environment.

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Carpets for hotels & restaurants

Whether you are looking for carpets for the hotel rooms, restaurant, or lounge, we offer bespoke carpet tiles to meet the needs of your hotel interior scheme. We work with you from conception to completion to ensure that our carpets perfectly fit into your hotel. We offer a wide variety of bespoke carpets crafted in Europe and USA, here at Meco Shades we specialize in all types of hospitality carpet. 

We help hotels and restaurants create a unique guest experience by offering stylish yet sophisticated wool-rich carpets and tufted carpets. Woven carpets for hotels offer elegance and easy-maintenance. Combining traditional craft with innovative weaving and premium looms, a hotel carpet from Meco ensures comfort and enduring quality. 

Our tufted wool carpets use the same wool blend as our woven carpets, which makes them ideal for hospitality and leisure applications, ensuring durability and a stunning look backed by excellent value. Our tufted and woven carpets are made bespoke, with attention to every detail to meet your specific requirements, and are suitable for the hotel rooms, corridors, restaurant, and reception area. 

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Our carpets range is sure to inspire interior designers and architects so they can select from a wide array of stunning wool-rich carpets for the biggest projects in the hospitality sector. Our carpet solutions will perfectly transform hotel bedrooms and corridors, eliminating noise and creating comfort for your guests.

Our range of reliable and high-performance carpets includes woven carpets, patterned carpets, tufted carpets, and wool carpets, all of which are suitable for use throughout the hotel areas. You can visit our office, where you can find a variety of styles and colours, get inspiration, and request samples.


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