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Discover our range of modern wooden shutters with hidden tilt

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Wooden Shutters with Hidden Tilt
Modern Shutters

Meticulously crafted wooden shutters feature clean lines and hidden tilt rod. They generally have a hidden tilt rod placed in the side of the unit to control the louvers’ movement. These shutters can bring an everlasting warmth to your interiors for years to come. You can choose from a wide variety of colours, ranging from white, and off-white, to energetic blues and stunning greys to create a modern touch.

Our modern shutters can be the perfect window shading for those looking to a versatile styling with a contemporary elegance. Wooden shutters from Meco Shades protect your privacy while allowing for light control. The details and dimensions of this striking window treatment add statement and amazing visual impact within your home.

The wooden shutters also act as a barrier against intruders, which makes it a great option to enhance your security. Furthermore, they offer great thermal insulation during winter and light filtering during the summer. Wooden shutters feature minimal maintenance as you can clean the wooden louvers from dust and dirt with a vacuum.

You can enjoy the minimal appearance of hardwood with our modern wooden shutters that resist moisture and glare. They also offer additional benefits such as resistance to fading and deforming, which makes them a perfect option for bathrooms and kitchens alike.

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