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Vision blinds are duo roller blinds with intersecting horizontal fabric strips that control light and keep privacy. The vision roller blinds are also called Duplex blinds, Day and Night blinds or Twist Blinds, that provide enhanced aesthetics to your windows. Two layers of opaque and semi-transparent fabric strips are intersecting with each other producing a design that mimics wooden or venetian blinds. To achieve a similar effect like venetian blinds, the fabric strips glide between each other, creating light filtering and privacy.

We provide a massive range of styles and fabrics with different opacity levels and thus you will find the duo blinds that work best for your home or workspace. Vision blinds can be electrically operated with remote or smartphone, which makes them suitable for large windows covering. It’s an amazingly effective solution to control the amount of incoming light thanks to two sliding layers of fabric with translucent and opaque horizontal strips.

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Vision blinds have their own specific features but can be a stylish yet convenient shade system for any office or home. We provide a variety of fabric and colour options to make it easier for you to find the suitable layered blinds that improve your workspace. When brighter colours are used, this will create a refreshing and stimulating atmosphere in your office. Typical vision blinds with cold tones create a timeless appeal, but they still offer light filtering as well as desired thermal performance. You can also choose the luxurious woven style to create a textured window dressing with a slightly rustic yet contemporary appeal.

Child safety is an integral part of our design philosophy; hence our contemporary roller blinds are compliant with child safety standards through motorized systems, crank operation and chain tensioner. Our twist blind system is available with medium panels and large panels to maximize privacy, while getting enough light into the room. We deliver an extensive range of exclusive fabrics and high-end materials, including, metal chain with white tassel as well as crank system for manual operation. The bottom rail is made of aluminum and has rounded caps at the ends.

Furthermore, fire-resistant fabrics are available to help you find the right duo blind. For Future more information on technical details download our technical data sheet / specification, drawings, operation & Maintenance manual suitable for architects.


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