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Venetian Wooden Blinds

At Meco Shades, we help you choose the perfect wooden blind to meet your requirements in terms of solar control and aesthetics. Our wooden blinds create timeless window treatments that fit to any contemporary interior. Whether your style is classical or modern, wooden blinds regulate light and temperature to add thermal comfort to your space. Wood has long been an inspiration with its natural beauty. It provides a reassuringly relaxing ambience that makes you forget the hustle and bustle of modern city life.

Our Wooden blinds are both timeless and elegant and are available in large slats up to 68 mm to ensure extra view and privacy control. Child safety features including automation systems, crank operation and cord cleats characterize our comprehensive range of wooden blinds. Constructed from the finest woods, venetian wood blinds from Meco Shades complement your interiors through a variety of colours, finishes and decorative options.

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Spring Summer 2023

Wooden Blinds System

Homeowners and interior designers tend to choose wooden blinds to create warmth and natural appearance, while allowing wooden slats to gently filter and control light levels in a particular room. Moreover, they often look for a variety of finishes and textures to suit their interior scheme. You can opt for thicker and wider slats that withstand years of use without becoming damaged or faded.

Designed with comfort in mind, our wooden blinds feature 4 types of operation:
1- Motorized system: It reinforces child safety by allowing your blinds to operate at the touch of a button. The remote control, wall switch or smartphone make operating cords unnecessary.
2- Crank system: It is a child friendly system that helps you tilt the slats or lower and raise your blind.
3. Manual operation: The use of cord is the easiest way to raise and lower the blind.

Furthermore, our wood blinds can be customized with decorative tapes that coordinate with all existing colours. The tapes are added only on the front side of the wooden blind. When wooden slats are combined with an aluminium headrail, it will create a stylish look with design details in mounting tassels and bottom rail.

When deciding to buy venetian wooden blinds, your measurements should have accounted for either an outside mounting above the window to cover the entire frame or an inside mounting to create a clean and finished look. For Future more information on technical details download our technical data sheet / specification, drawings, operation & Maintenance manual suitable for architects.


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