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Our floor covering solutions bring an unparalleled quality to both residential and commercial spaces.

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At Meco Shades, our floor covering solutions include high-quality wood flooring, including solid wood, engineered wood, laminate flooring as well as luxury vinyl flooring tiles and parquets that you will fall in love with. We also offer carpets and rugs to fill your home with the beauty of textile floor covering and the warmth of wool. We provide the most wear-resistant hardwood floor in the industry. Our flooring has hypoallergenic finishes to ensure a safe environment for you and your family. 

The flooring finishes we deliver are versatile and completely chemicals-free, to help you enjoy the authentic wood in every room in your house. Our parquets can last longer and sometimes they even last for generations but only if maintained regularly. Our laminate flooring is made with a melamine protective layer, which makes it highly resistant to scratch and stain. It offers the best classic oak designs to highlight the natural beauty of the wood grain. 

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Our flooring products reflect the warmth of heritage with a range that combines classical with modern. We offer a mix of modern techniques with the beauty of nature to create sustainable interiors. Our floor covering is easy to install and designed for stability, strength and reliability.  We deliver a full and bespoke floor covering service from start to finish and beyond. We offer 4 types of floor solutions, depending on your budget and desired style. Our laminate floor range comprises the thickest, longest, and widest planks on the market. While our hardwood flooring ensures enduring durability and added value in any home.

Hardwood floor is highly recommended for its strength, color consistency and refined grain. While our vinyl floors represent an affordable flooring option that offers style, minimal maintenance and easy installation. Engineered wood flooring is among the preferred floor treatment options that we offer. It ensures durability, stability and stylish look thanks to its layered construction, being perfect for both residential and commercial buildings.


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