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Our vinyl flooring tiles are a sturdy and reliable floors at affordable price

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Vinyl Floor Coverings

Our range of vinyl flooring comes in a variety of colors and designs to match any interior look and feel. The authentic charm of our wood is reflected in our vinyl floor to ensure your room is welcoming and easy to clean. It also provides you with moisture resistance and thermal comfort. What’s more, our vinyl flooring provides all the benefits of natural materials without having to be real wood. You can choose from a variety of colors and designs to create an unparalleled flooring style in your home.

Our luxury vinyl flooring can give a stunning natural wood effect flooring. By capturing the authentic look of oak flooring, we can add rich dimensions to any room in your home where you can feel natural materials. Vinyl flooring is extremely robust, water-resistant and durable. However, our wooden effect vinyl flooring doesn’t require sanding and waxing, offering benefits that outweigh those of real wood flooring.

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Spring Summer 2023

Top-Quality Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl is an affordable flooring option that offers minimal maintenance and easy installation. Compared with real timber flooring, vinyl flooring offers versatility in terms of design, colour and style. The endless range of options makes it ideal for designing creative visuals. This includes contemporary and classic designs, rustic wooden style, or matte finishes, to name a few.

We provide a comprehensive range of luxury vinyl planks, arranged in order of thickness. Planks with a thick wear layer are perfect for living areas that need higher levels of sturdiness, whilst thinner wear layers are ideal for rooms that experience less traffic. Once the required thickness is defined, you just need to select a design!  Remember that the more a wear layer is thick, the more resistant the floor is.

You can choose bright colours to create a vivid decor, or select bold wooden textures to bring depth and warmth. Natural colours that mimic ceramic tile or hardwood floors are just perfect to achieve a contemporary setting when required.


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