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Skylight blinds from Meco Shades are the best solution to cover hard to reach windows. Specially designed for skylights or rooflights, these special shades create thermal insulation, making your indoors cooler in summer and warmer in winter. If your furniture is highly exposed to sun’s rays, our skylight systems provide optimal protection, whilst controlling the amount of light that enters your room. You can easily achieve energy-efficiency with our energy saving fabrics and thermal blackout materials that protect you against solar glare, whilst maintaining your privacy.

Installing a skylight blind can be a great option for making your interiors brighter and comfortable. To open and close an out-of-reach skylight blind, we provide a unique motorized system to easily operate your skylight, making it easier to control your blinds smoothly with a remote control or wall switch. Now you can sit back and let our smart skylight blinds do the work. When it comes to solar protection and light control, our motorized skylight can really create a home of solace and comfort.

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Changing your blinds can transform a whole space, especially when using our skylight blinds. You can stamp your personality on your interior with our stunning range of skylight shades. We provide contemporary styles that will enhance any roof or sloped window, creating elegance and energy-efficiency combined with thermal comfort. Our range of skylight blinds includes a variety of tensioned blinds designed with a unique tension system to keep the fabric flat regardless of the angle the system is installed in. We use a wide range of glare protection fabrics sourced from European manufacturers only.

Unlike other extensions at your home, garden rooms feature a considerable amount of glazing. This is ideal for creating flow and making your home feel connected to your garden. We have easily resolved all temperature and daylight visibility issues with the innovative features of our skylight blinds.

To enjoy a well-earned sleep in your bedroom, simply choose a room darkening fabric. Consider our stylish and energy efficient fabrics to enjoy light and climate control all year round, especially if your home requires maximum thermal insulation.


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