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Our contract carpets offer an unparalleled quality to all corporate office spaces.

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Carpets for corporate offices

At Meco Shades, we provide a huge range of corporate carpets to suit the unique requirements of each customer. We ensure a wide array of colours and styles to choose from to complete your office décor. This variety of patterns and colours will help you achieve a design that is unique to your space and project. Our office carpets are made from the strongest fibers to withstand heavy traffic areas. Loop carpets and plush carpet tiles have strength and soil hiding capabilities. It adds an understated and bold look to your office, while enhancing the working environment.

Our commercial carpets combine style and functionality in offices of all sizes, from small corporate offices up to multi-storey buildings. Our carpet range is sure to enhance your brand image and complement your interior, whatever your budget. Our carpets are engineered to resist damage and wear caused by heavy desks and chairs movement.

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Explore our office carpets range

Our carpet tiles are the first choice when it comes to designing corporate offices. We provide premium carpets at affordable prices to all types of commercial office spaces all over the UAE. Our contract carpet tiles are suitable for creative office spaces, classic and modern offices, as well as co-working spaces. Our range of office carpets includes everything from multi-level loop carpets and cut-pile carpet tiles to textured loop pile carpets. Our versatile yet stylish carpet tiles cater for the needs of corporate buildings, including:

  • Banks and financial institutions
  • Government offices and departments
  • Civic facilities
  • All trading offices and corporate facilities


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