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Cantilever car park shades

Arch Design Car Park Shades

There is no one-size-fits-all formula when you decide to design car park shades. At Meco Shades, we will consider the requirements of each client individually, before applying our shade to the best effect. One of the car parking shades we provide is the arch cantilever carport.

These arch parking shades are ideal for modern commercial and residential applications where minimal physical obstruction is required. The arch cantilever parking shade will blend in any building style, whilst bringing maximum shade to you parking lots.

Cantilever Arch Type Car Park Shades

This type of shades is extremely durable and effective due to the usage of high-quality fabrics and steel structure. High-performance fabrics like PVC or HDPE are used to design arch design carports to provide optimal protection from solar rays, dust and rain. The shade fabrics are tear resistant, wind resistant and UV Resistant. They also add a dimensional visual effect and thermal comfort to your parking area.

The arch car park shades are available in two designs: single bay carport to accommodate a single row of parked vehicles. Double Bay Carpark shades are designed to house two rows of parked cars. They can be designed with an optional walkway between the parking bays. Basically, a Double Bay shade is used to cover large areas like those in shopping malls. While the single bay arch car shade is ideal for smaller car parks.

These high-end car parking shades are engineered with state-of-the-art technology, including incredibly advanced machinery for designing and manufacturing the shading structure.

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