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Pyramid car park shades

Pyramid Type Car Park Shades

The strong and durable structure of pyramid type car park shade makes them a popular choice for architects and homeowners alike. These shades can be designed for a single car or to shelter many cars in a large parking area. Pyramid type car park shades are engineered to bring more protection against UV rays and wind load due to the use of high-performance fabrics like PVC Fabrics, PTFE Fabrics, HDPE Fabrics.

This cantilever car park shade is an attractive yet convenient outdoor shade that provides your car with maximum weather protection while also maintaining its glossy appearance.

Cantilever Pyramid Carport Structures

We use only premium fabrics and corrosion-resistant columns to manufacture these shades. This will result in minimal maintenance along with an excellent lifespan. They are engineered to withstand the inclement weather including UV- rays, rain and heavy winds. The high-tech fabrics we use provide the highest levels of solar protection, whilst keeping the indoor of your car cooler.

Pyramid type car park shades are increasingly demanded by people for their reliability and appealing shape. They comprise supporting beams that extend out over the area, locating the shade where it is needed most. These cantilever structures are ideal for venues where the shaded area does not require columns at the extremities, especially in airports, shopping malls and schools. These pyramid type carports are also suitable for parks, walkways, and residential area, etc.

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