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Cantilever Car Park Shades

Top Support Car Parking Shades

Your car can be exposed to harmful UV rays during the hot summers in the UAE, where you can also encounter several issues including rain, dust, and faded interiors. Unless you have a reliable car parking shade like a cantilever car shelter, your vehicle can be extremely damaged.
The cantilever carport can effectively protect your car from inclement weather while maintaining a comfortable indoor temperature, so that you can avoid the excessive heat every time you get behind the wheel.
Meco Shades manufactures and installs a diversified line of car parking shades that can satisfy the needs of both residential and commercial spaces. Our range of car shelters includes the design and installation of cantilever parking shades that meet your specific requirements.

Cantilever Top Support Car Park Shades

This type of car park shades is crafted out of high-performance materials that provide 100% shade and maximum protection to your car. It also maintains the glossy appearance of your car by protecting the interiors from fading. In commercial areas, our cantilever parking shades offer many benefits such as: attracting people looking for a shady spot for their vehicle. Furthermore, our freestanding cantilever carports offer maximum protection from the sun, dust, wind, and rain. Cantilever carpark shade structures are available in both single bay and double bay design.

Our carports are designed with minimal support poles to easily create navigable parking lots, meaning there is a minimum risk of you hitting into anything as you park or get in and out of your car. Your customers will admire the smart design and may even recommend your parking shade to their friends.

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