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Umbrella Car Parking Shade

Umbrella Car Park Shade

The Umbrella type car parking shade consists of high-quality modular shade structure, especially engineered for restaurants, hotels and resorts, events venues, sports venues and high-end residential buildings. These elegant and compact shades are designed to provide maximum coverage due their high-performance fabric and UV-resistant materials.

Whether to maintain the sleek appearance of your car, or to minimize heat in the car, the umbrella design carport can be a great alternative to the traditional cantilever carport. This type of shades provides you with optimal shade and solar protection. If you are looking for maximum coverage and minimal physical barrier, this type of shades is the ideal solution to cover your parking.

Car Park Shades-Umbrella Type

When shade and space-savings are required in a small area, and when there is no possibility to accommodate multiple columns, only umbrella type carpark shade with a single-post can match these requirements. Umbrella type car parking shades are also a popular choice in areas like pools and playgrounds, parks and walkways or anywhere shade and solar protection is required.

These shades are engineered to resist harmful UV rays and wind load, while also adding a unique look to your venue. We offer a variety of configurations and a wide range of colours, textures and fabrics to choose from.

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