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Wave Design Car Parking Shade

Our Wave type car parking shades are among the most flexible structures for both residential and commercial buildings. This advanced yet attractive carport structure is suitable for modern parking areas, walkways, and playground areas, etc. We use high-performance fabrics including, PVC fabric, PTFE fabric and ETFE fabrics to customize wave type car park shade structures.

These fabrics ensure an optimal protection against solar rays, rain and heavy winds; thus, they help to maintain your car and increase its lifespan.

Car Parking Shades with Wave Style

The highly resistant and multi-functional carport structure is especially designed to withstand harsh weather conditions all year round. The system provides strong features such as flame resistance, tear resistance, thermal comfort, UV resistance and wind protection. The structure also features a robust, rust-resistant, heavy duty powder-coated aluminium frame. It blocks solar radiation, transmits natural sunlight yet provides shading.

The wave type carpark shades have clean lines along with functional design. They feature a two-post architecture to allow easy access to the parking, while providing space-saving. Also, canvas carports with wave design are built to last thanks to outstandingly robust materials. They protect your car from sun rays, bird droppings and rain, prevent windscreen from cracking, keep your vehicle shiny, protect electronics inside the car and reduce the heat, and therefore you will feel comfortable when you get behind the wheel.

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