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Canopies from Meco Shades include an exclusive array of models with modular or interchangeable components. Our canopies are crafted using an aluminum structure, high-performance fabrics and these fabrics have been tested and certified Oeko-Tex® 100 and Greenguard®. Tailored to your specifications, our canopy systems are engineered to exactly match your requirements using the highest quality materials, providing an effective shelter all-year round.

Outdoor canopies are increasingly being demanded to add extra space to your exterior space. Numerous outdoor areas that aren’t necessarily utilized due to the weather conditions can now use our canopies for shading and decoration purposes.

Window Canopies

Available in wall-mounted or freestanding configurations, our canopies can be installed in walkways and entranceways. The system can be customized according to the colour and style of an existing building to enhance the building aesthetics and ensure protection from the harmful UV rays, rain and wind.

From carport canopies, entrance canopies and patio canopies, we provide the most extensive array of canopy systems for residential shading. Our home canopies are increasingly being utilized by homeowners to boost the aesthetic appeal of their outdoor area and provide shelter and protection from the harsh weather conditions.

Whether to extend your outdoor area, enhance the appearance of your garden or protect your patio from the inclement weather, we deliver canopy systems using a variety of colours and designs to add style and value to any building.

For Future more information on technical details download our technical data sheet / specification, drawings, operation & Maintenance manual suitable for architects

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Our canopies use high-performance fabrics with water and stain resistant properties. These window canopies can be fixed to the wall or ceiling. Contact us for further information on our technical data sheet / specification, drawings, operation & Maintenance manual suitable for architects.


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