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Aluminium Pergolas

When looking for the ideal pergola for your backyard area, you need to compare between the various designs as well as the different materials to use to build the pergola structure. It is very important to define the amount of shade required to cover the area. Additionally, determining how to maintain your pergola is one of the main factors to consider before deciding the type of pergola you will buy.

Pergolas can be engineered with a variety of materials such as wood and aluminum. The aluminum pergola structure can be fitted to cover a large area and enhance the outdoor living space or act as an extension of your home, especially when combined with glass walls and side shades.

Aluminum Pergola System

At Meco Shades, we deliver modern outdoor shading solutions for external spaces. Our aluminum pergola with fixed louvers features a minimal design, which makes it suitable for both modern commercial and residential buildings. We customize it in a variety of RAL colours various shapes. You can now transform your outdoor area into a functional space with our bespoke aluminum louvered pergola. Its extruded aluminum profiles offer solar protection, thermal comfort and enhanced aesthetics.

These aluminium pergolas are designed to be installed as wall-mounted, freestanding or on top of an existing structure. Our aluminium pergolas are designed with advanced materials that withstand the inclement weather. They also maximize shade and enhance your backyard area, creating an attractive outdoor space.

They feature an appealing finish thanks to their beautiful powder coated aluminum louvers that resist corrosion and fading. Our aluminum fixed pergolas can be customized with a variety of colours and different shapes of fixed louvers. They transform any outdoor space into a functional yet sophisticated area with optimal shade and thermal comfort.

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Sturdy and durable aluminium pergolas

Our aluminium pergolas feature special joints and a simple profiles assembly to enable a fast installation. Its modular design ensures different configurations to meet both aesthetics and functional requirements. Our aluminium pergola offers a minimalist design thanks to its hidden fixing points and invisible screws. It also has a seaside class powder coating with pre-anodizing surface treatment to reinforce the structure’s resistance to inclement weather, especially in coastal areas.

The different configurations available are the best-liked options for architects and landscape contractors. You can opt for linear fixed louvers mounted like panels or for a boxed design with aluminum extruded louvers that can be mounted at different angles. We also offer a combination of boxed louvers with fabrics forming boxed modules to enhance aesthetics and shading.

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