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Retractable pergolas
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Retractable Pergolas

We provide you with a variety of pergolas to choose from. Finding the ideal pergola for your business or your home can be a long process due to the cost and complexity of design. With the new technology and advanced materials, Meco Shades can design a pergola system that boosts the appearance of your building and enhances the outdoors.

Our retractable pergola system is engineered with a retractable fabric roof that resists solar rays and rain. To manufacture this type of pergolas, we mainly use a waterproof block-out PVC fabric combined with horizontal beams that are perpendicular to the posts.

The advantage of a motorized retractable pergola is that you can retract the fabric roof easily with a remote control to allow the sun and air pass smoothly when weather is moderate, or to completely close it when facing inclement weather.

Retractable Pergola System

Whether you are looking to install an aluminum pergola or a retractable roof, the choice really depends on which you feel is best in terms of look and functionality, and whether you are willing to do some basic maintenance to make your pergola last. Our retractable pergola system features a minimal and sleek appearance wherever it is installed. This modern pergola provides excellent performance and maximizes visibility when retracted. It elegantly enhances your outdoor living space thanks to its slopped fabric roof supported by a sleek aluminum frame and slimline edges.

Our retractable pergola is designed with or without slope. The rainwater is drained to the perimetric structure thanks to the curved system of cloth profiles. The water then will drain to the ground through the posts. Our pergola system is modular, which means you can add glass walls and sides shades to it to obtain a unique yet sophisticated design. The minimal design with its various configurations is available in Wall-mounted and freestanding versions.

Installing a retractable pergola allows the waterproof fabric roof to retract easily to make the air and sun pass smoothly when weather is moderate, allowing you to enjoy the moments.

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As experts on highly engineered retractable pergolas, we make sure to skillfully craft a quality outdoor shading system that meets the most stringent building requirements. The endless design possibilities mean that you can perfectly customize your pergola to suit your needs. These options involve glass walls, side shades and even LED lighting to enlighten the indoor space when the night falls.

When choosing a retractable shade structure such as retractable pergolas or awnings, the materials you choose will leverage your building’s value. If you aim to create added value, durability and functionality, the components and high-performance materials should be the determining factors in your selection.

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