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Pouffes Upholstery

Pouffe is a simple yet versatile piece of furniture that we can add to both living rooms and bedrooms regardless of your home style. Pouffes are either cylinder-shaped or cube-shaped. This piece of furniture is usually flat-topped, thus it can act as a footstool, ottoman, seat or coffee table. Pouffes and footstools are often used to complete the room furnishing combined with other pieces of furniture.

Meco Shades provides a comprehensive upholstery service for pouffes and footstools to re-upholster these items and make them look brand new. We repair and restore buttoned footstools and storage pouffes as well as ottomans, using an extensive range of upholstery tools, replacement foam, and accessories such as trimmings, braids, and fringes.

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Reupholstery for Pouffes, Ottomans & Footstools

We recover pouffes and footstools in new fabric from start to finish using the best upholstery tools. If you want to completely refurbish your home or just restore your old furniture including beds, sofas and chairs, pouffes can also be re-upholstered even if they are still comfortable. The goal is to maintain the style and design consistency throughout your home. 

If these items are comfortable but the fabric is worn or stained, reupholstering them will help you make the most of them. You can choose from an extensive range of luxury fabrics to change the colour and design of your pouffe to fit it with your room’s style.

Mecho Shades provides upholstery expertise and years of experience in furniture reupholstery and restoration to help you with your bespoke upholstery project. Contact-us today to learn more about our services.

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