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Textile Wallcovering

The natural feel and texture of fabric wallpaper makes it a popular choice for homeowners and interior designers. It’s ideal for living rooms and dining rooms where texture is required as a design element. Textile wallpaper can be plain or patterned and is mainly fixed with a liquid starch instead of using the adhesive of traditional wallcovering.

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Textile wallcovering adds a modern twist to any room décor thanks to its appearance that mimics the look of linen, satin, silk and even velvet fabric. We provide a comprehensive range of textures and patterns that look both sophisticated and lavish on walls. Textile wallpaper brings warmth and convenience to any home with its authentic patterns and exclusive designs ranging from neutral to bright.

Manufactured with the utmost artistry, textile wallcovering does not only enhance walls, but also maintain the room’s temperature thanks to its insulating properties. The high-quality fabric wallpaper with its advanced materials offers a combination of thermal comfort and acoustic insulation. Also available with flame retardant and stain resistant properties, fabric wallpaper is suitable for rooms with special requirements such as hotel rooms and suites as well as conference rooms.

Textile wallpaper can be used to cover an entire wall or in combination with other wallcovering types such as flock wallpaper and non-woven wallpaper.



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