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Grasscloth Wallpaper

Grasscloth Wallpaper is composed of natural exotic grasses that are woven together to create a natural effect. The grasscloth wallcovering is handcrafted to add warm and modern touch to any interior. Grasscloth materials comprise hemp, jute, arrowroot, bamboo, raffia, reeds and rushcloth. Besides absorbing noise, adding texture and natural look to any room, grasscloth wallpaper is ideal for contemporary interiors.

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Grasscloth wallpaper brings a luxurious, yet natural appearance to any home and as such, is perfect if you are looking to include some eco-friendly elements into your interiors. Phillip Jeffries is one of the top manufacturers of grasscloth wallcovering that is eco-friendly, renewable and 100% recyclable. Grasscloth wallpaper is handcrafted with natural fibres that are woven together with very thin cotton threads on a rice paper backing, creating a unique yet earthly aesthetic.

We provide a variety of grasscloth wallpaper rolls; each has a distinctive pattern and texture. The wallpaper rolls are different in size and shade due to the variety of fibers. This type of wallcovering became popular among people who are looking for the subtle smell and look of grass on the walls. Authentic grasscloth wallpaper is also a designer-favourite option for creating a more layered space, adding warm textures or brightening a room.



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