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Non-woven Wallpaper

Non-woven wallpaper is breathable yet sturdy wallpaper that offers a healthy environment. You can apply it easily by pasting the panels directly onto the wall. It provides many benefits compared with the conventional paper wallpaper. We offer a huge selection of non-woven wallpapers with a variety of patterns and colours to help you create a smooth yet sophisticated wall design. Our stylish and exclusive non-woven wallpapers are created by renowned manufacturers such as Rasch.

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We deliver a comprehensive range of luxurious non-woven wallpapers including paintable non-woven wallpaper and structured non-woven wallpaper that you can use as base wallpaper. This wallpaper offers dimensional stability due to its strong non-woven fibres. In wet rooms, our non-woven wallpaper doesn’t stretch out because it features a tear-resistant carrier layer of pulp and textile fibres.

Non-woven wallpapers are both affordable and convenient because they can be applied onto the wall easily, and perfectly. Thus, they can be accurately adjusted and completed with other designs of your choice because this wallpaper base is ideal to add additional colours and stylish patterns.

Non-woven wallcovering often includes woodchip wallpaper, vinyl wallpaper, fabric wallpaper or murals. If you are looking to change your room’s décor, you can simply choose non-woven woodchip wallpaper that can be pulled off the wall effortlessly, then replace it with a fresh design from our collections.


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