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Paper based Wallpaper

For those who are looking for breathable and environmentally friendly wallpaper, paper wallpaper is the perfect choice. This incredibly versatile wallcovering is easy to install and remove. Previously replaced with vinyl wallpaper, paper wallpaper has evolved to provide the same benefits of vinyl wallcovering including versatility, durability and convenience.

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With the resurgence of the paper wallpaper, homeowners and designers can choose from a comprehensive range of patterns and colours to adorn their homes. Usually made of recyclable paper, paper wallpapers are also used as a backing material just like non-woven wallpaper. However they tend to stretch out, unlike the non-woven wallpaper which is dimensionally stable.

Paper wallpaper comes in thousands of patterns and colours and you can choose from a variety of styles including printed, embossed or structured. Similar to non-woven wallpaper, paper wallpaper can be applied effortlessly and quickly. To find the best wallpaper roll, simply choose the heavier paper wallpaper with several layers and embossed surface to ensure its stability and durability after installation.

Paper wallpaper also includes woodchip wallpaper which is environmentally friendly and recyclable. Woodchip wallpaper is constructed with paper layers that incorporate small woodchips. This process ensures an enhanced stability and smooth surface, which can be painted over several times.


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