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Blinds for healthcare facilities hospitals and clinics

We design and manufacture window shades for hospitals, clinics, and care homes. Having installed roller blinds in many hospitals and clinics, we have a wide range of specialized shade systems to protect healthcare workers and patients alike. Our blinds and curtains are designed to meet the healthcare requirements, especially the use of antimicrobial materials.

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Healthcare Shading Systems

We specifically use innovative flame retardant and antibacterial fabrics coating to manufacture the curtains, roller shades and vertical blinds specified for healthcare projects. All materials are washable, and our fabrics are also available with antifungal properties. We ensure blinds are correctly mounted and installed with a professional finish. Additionally, we recommend using wireless blind systems in the healthcare sector to improve patient safety in hospitals. This all comes together to create a pleasant yet healthy environment.

We provide customized curtains, roller blinds and vertical blinds in a variety of fabrics, textures and colours. Materials and sizes may vary depending on project requirements. Due to the specific requirements in the healthcare industry, blackout roller blinds and curtains are more requested for room darkening and privacy purposes. We also provide screen fabrics to filter light and minimize glare, especially in the reception area. Our dim-out fabrics are selected for laboratories and operating rooms where 100% light exclusion is required.


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