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Find the perfect perfect hotel curtains and blinds for your internal space.

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Hotel Curtains & Blinds in the UAE

Our blind systems are specified for hotels and restaurants to optimize thermal comfort in the winter and ensure solar protection in the summer. Our curtains, draperies and solar shades minimize glare while keeping a clear view to the outside. We provide a variety of roller blinds that complements any interior or room’s theme. For your hotel, you can choose from a wide range of light-filtering fabrics to create privacy while allowing soft sunlight to diffuse into your interiors, providing a relaxing atmosphere to your guests. For hotels with large glazing, our specialty tensioned blinds and horizontal skylight shades are the perfect system to cover huge spaces.

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Hospitality Shading Systems

Most hospitality buildings are exposed to excessive heat, especially those with large areas of glazing. It is crucial to use high-performance shades to decrease overheating in commercial areas such as hotels, lobbies, and restaurants. Specialty shades from Meco Shades effectively control light transmission, minimize heat and maximize thermal comfort all year round.

Our specialty blinds range for hotels offers design’s flexibility, durability, and maximum shade. Our extremely versatile shading system provides maximum control over light, heat and glare while ensuring visual comfort and thermal performance. We offer robust and top-quality fabrics to customize our automated shades. These shades are not only convenient but also extremely useful in creating outstanding interiors.


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