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Office Shades Systems

We spend a huge amount of time at work, and you may be looking to create an inspirational and convenient space for both your employees and clients. When choosing office blinds from Stretchwalls, you are sure to make the right decision. We help our clients to choose unique shades by assisting them from design through to the completion with skillfully crafted roller shades and ”built to last” vertical blinds.

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Commercial Blinds

Our commercial roller blinds feature a wide range of colours and design’s options to complement any workspace. Choose functionality and ease of use with our electric blinds or choose a soft design from our extensive array of manual shades to bring the perfect touch to your windows.

Office blinds from Meco Shades offer maximum control over light, heat and glare, while also creating a sleek finish to the window’s dressing. If you are looking for a smart and stylish blind that provides a great ambience to work in, our office blinds are a versatile and practical solution.

Our tailor-made blinds for offices are the quiet achievers of the blind’s world due to their endless ability to filter or completely block light. We provide them in an extensive array of streamlined and contemporary fabrics including, sheer, light-filtering, and blackouts.


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