Selecting Drapery Hardware

Drapery hardware includes – but is not limited to – rods, end caps, smooth or fluted poles with decorative finials, brackets and rings. These components are not only used to add a fashion accent to your room; they are also functional. In fact, before choosing your curtains or blinds hardware, there are many factors to consider. Here are some tips for choosing the appropriate drapery hardware!


When deciding to buy custom-made drapery, you should totally avoid mass market hardware and your curtains should be hung on custom rod hardware. In fact, when using mass market hardware with your bespoke draperies, rods and brackets will bend because they simply cannot support the weight of some heavy draperies. Made-to-measure curtains tend to be heavier due to their use of thick fabrics and polyester linings.

The fullness and width of the curtains panels along with the length of the rod determine the total number of drapery rings. When choosing drapery rings, you should also avoid mass market rings as they tend to be larger than the corresponding rods, which causes the curtains to twist and bend out of shape. The same thing applies for mass market brackets, as they tend to bend if they have not been adjusted to drapery weight. This picture showcases mass market brackets that have bent out of shape and how the draperies do not have pleats.

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When selecting the drapery rod, choose a rod that goes well with the dimensions of a room, window sizes, and curtain weight. If you have tiny space to either side of your window, use the same rod width as your window. You can increase your curtain rod to twelve centimeters past your window on either side if you have much more space.

Rods with larger diameters are recommended for thick or floor-to-ceiling draperies to match the room’s design and dimensions, while very thin rods can only hold sheer or lightweight curtains.


The style of curtain rod impacts the overall look of your windows. When your room encompasses wood, metal or painted finishes, you should select the rod style that complements the finishes present in your interiors. Moreover, you should choose rod finials that perfectly harmonize with your room’s settings to create depth and interest.

You can find multiple choices and finishes for custom rod hardware. Manual and motorized curtain rods are specifically engineered for use by interior designers, curtains suppliers and homeowners who are looking for convenience. The beauty and durability of custom rods make them a worthwhile investment in your building.


Shading experts have embraced smart technologies, creating advanced methods that make it much easier to operate your blinds or draperies with home automation systems. There are several advantages for motorized window shades that work in perfect harmony with your automated home. In some modern interiors, blinds can be placed in hard-to-reach locations such as skylights or high windows. Therefore, motorized blinds and curtains are the perfect solution for these out-of-reach areas. Also, electric shades are the ideal solution for elderly people who have difficulty operating their window curtains or blinds. 

But how to select the perfect hardware for your motorized draperies?

Based on how you plan on using your draperies, manually operated curtains are easy to use with hidden wands, where you can smoothly open or close the panels. You should consider a cordless track rod without rings to easily operate your draperies, by simply pulling wands.

If your draperies are extra tall, motorization is the perfect alternative to wands because they are not long enough to operate the curtains. Heavy weight curtains such as velvet draperies and lined or blackout curtains are also operated best with motorized hardware. Our motorized curtains system can accommodate up to 72 kg of fabric.

The integration of the motorized drapery hardware is done through attaching the motor to the home automation operating system. Thus, your heavy curtains are electrically operated, allowing you to easily open and close your draperies.

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Choose custom hardware from Meco Shades to create tailor-made curtains that are custom pleated to the width of your window for a perfect fit! With so many drapery hardware options, the design possibilities are endless. Contact us to explore our exciting range of custom drapery hardware, curtains tracks, accessories, and finishes.

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